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How important is self discipline to your business

04/22/2009 16:31

Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; and the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. - Abraham Joshua Heschel Don't you hate saying no to yourself. It's hard to do - even when you know that it's the best thing. You decide to get up early or to work late so that your business gets better, and you won't have so many problems later on. Then you feel like sleeping in, and don't do what's needed. You need to put yourself in front of more customers when you don't feel like it. How do you make yourself do what you know you need to do? It's a big help to have as many goals or reasons for pushing yourself as you can. One of the biggest things that makes businesses succeed is having a culture of discipline. I read a lot of business books, and have seen this same theme come up several times. The connection between discipline and success in other areas of life is really compelling. When I look at employees and other people I have worked with, one of the things that the best people had in common is this discipline. The next time that you need to say no to yourself, don't let it be a negative thing. Remember sayings like the one above. You get more than you lose when you can say no to yourself. Africa Imports has lots of other free helps for your business in the free articles section of our website.