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How is the virus changing the way your customers shop?

08/19/2020 12:45

According to the big consulting firm McKinsey, one of the biggest shifts emerging from Covid-19 "is the rising importance of neighborhoods" With lots of travel options shutting down, customers are buying from others in their own neighborhoods. Maybe this gives you the chance to grow your business even better than before.

If there are people in your own neighborhood, who are nervous about going to big stores, or who just have a hard time traveling right now, you can let them know how close you are. You can offer to make deliveries. There ae a lot of special ways to grow your business now. A lot of people are changing their buying habits during this time. Africa Imports offers the largest selection anywhere of authentic African and Afro-centric products. You could bring some unique excitement to some new friends in your neighborhood now with some of the ideas available here.