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How to Upsell More this Holiday Season

10/28/2009 17:01

How do you get your customers to have such a positive experience that they'll remember you for their holiday shopping and more? How can you be that store that they tell their friends about? With just a few pointers you can be on the right track to having a successful season this year.

 Don't Forget the Accessories! If you sell African clothing, while you talk with your customer about their favorite garments don't forget to mention matching accessories and shoes. The total sale of accessories easily surpasses the sale of the dress!

Keep Stocking-Stuffers On Hand After helping your customer choose the perfect gift for a friend or relative, make sure to mention stocking stuffers! Small bottles of oils, sample sizes of shea butter, jewelry, and more make great stocking stuffers. Remember, being successful with one or two add-ons will help meet your goals. Why not make a game out of it? See how much extra money you can make by helping customers this way.

Have a Winning Sales Pitch Remember to greet your customers when they enter your store. Also remember to develop a winning sales pitch. These may include: "Have you ever tried our product?"; "Would you like to try it?";"Customers who bought this item also bought..."; "Our most popular item is...;" and "May I suggest the following accessories to go with that item?"

Keep Discounts In Mind If you have any sales or discounts, make sure to bring them up when the customer is checking out. If the customer is happy about their purchase than they'll be likely to add on another item that would go well with their purchase. Maybe even wear some of the items that are on sale so that the customer doesn't have to leave the check-out counter to go and find them. Or keep them at the check-out counter so you can show him or her. Find even more business-building tips at the Africa Imports web site by Clicking Here.