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How would I use $500 to grow my business?

06/12/2008 10:10

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Here's an idea from Rexanne Brown in Milwaukee, WI A: 

I would use half of the $500 to focus on current clients: Using my mailing list which includes names along with the client’s favorite scents/items, I would put together a mini “Thank You For Your Business” kit which would include an introductory “Referral Plan”. Ex: Refer a new client and after their first purchase you receive up to $20.00 in free product. Word of mouth advertising works just as effectively as using any other avenue (newspaper, radio, promo items etc.) B. With the other half of the $500 I would focus on new clients/business: Design new Flyers, promotional items (post cards, etc.) which include small discounts or free promo items for 1st time customers. I would Post flyers up in massage parlors, beauty salons, barber shops and strip malls. I understand that my current customers are important to maintain consistency, and new business is just as important which helps my business to continue to grow. Even if a new client does not make an initial purchase, I would have at least begun to brand my business name with them so it is top of mind when they do have a need for my products.