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How your purchases help others...

08/23/2017 10:10

If you are one of our wholesale buyers, you can help the most by being successful in selling African products. Not only does this help us to support these children, it also keeps people working, making their traditional crafts in Africa. The more you sell, the more people in Africa can thrive in their own businesses, and the more funds can circulate through these communities in Africa. A small sale here can go a long ways in some of these African communities. thankyouinlaguages Here's how far it goes. Every $7.50 that you purchase from Africa Imports, sends enough money to Africa to purchase a meal for a child. Even a $75. order pays for 10 meals for kids. Here is a video made from clips taken during our recent trip to Africa. It's a blessing to see these smiles in person! If you are buying things for yourself, be sure to look for African made products when you can. None of us can fix these problems on our own. But together, we can make a big difference for some of these children and families. Thank you for all your support!