Little Job Finds A Home At Moukondo Orphanage in The Congo




Here at Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase is used to support several orphanages in the Congo. One of these orphanages is the Moukondo Orphanage, where, thanks to your support, these donations provide food, housing, and medicine for orphans. We just received news about Job, a new boy who has found a home at Moukondo. Here is the letter we just received about him: "Job was found walking around the market in Talangai - one of the neighborhoods here in Brazza. It was announced on TV, publicized everywhere in this neighborhood but no one came forward. Someone finally said, "don't you know the mom doesn't want him anymore?" Please keep Job in your prayers and your thoughts, we hope that he will prosper, make new friendships, and find a loving home at Moukondo. We know the teachers there care very much for the children. To find out more about the orphanages we support, just Click Here.