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    Blog posts of '2007' 'March'

    (0) How to get more sales from your Africa Imports catalog.
    Here's an idea that has worked great for one of our customers. He has gotten dozens of new customers; and extra sales from the retail catalogs he gives out; and it's a really easy thing to do. Instead of giving the catalog to customers by itself, this customer puts a sticker on each catalog saying ...
    (0) Why didn't we think of this before?

    Why didn't we think of this before?

    People love oils and oil burners. Oil burners are always some of the best selling products that our customers offer. These make tremendous add on sales opportunities; and impulse items for customers who want to try something new. They also bring you future sales w...
    (0) Why do some people fail?

    The fast answer is that they don't try. What is your true commitment level? Here's an example. Two weeks ago I got a call from someone wanting to set up a new store selling African products in Los Angeles. He had seen our catalog, and was calling to get one for himself. I took his information to ...

    (0) 10 ways to make buying easier for your customers

    You can lose a lot of new customers if you don't make it easier for them to buy from you. Here's a quick checklist to make sure you are doing all that you can. 1. Have a merchant account to accept credit cards. More people will buy from you; and they will buy more; if they can pay you this way. 2....

    (0) Are you losing money and don't know?

    One of the ways that I can make our business better is by doing measurements. I used to think that I was wasting time with some of this kind of work. I really wanted to spend time with customers and work more at selling the products that I had on hand. What I have learned now though is that when I ...

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