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    Blog posts of '2007' 'April'

    (0) What our wholesale customers say makes them succeed or fail the most.

    We can all learn a lot from people who are doing the same work that we do. Here is what our customers have said when we asked them the following two questions. 1. What was the most important thing you did to become successful? 2. What did you do (or not do) that made growing your business harder? ...

    (0) Three ways to keep from failing

    It may sound crazy, but a major part of failure for many people is that they try too hard not to fail. The key to succeeding is to focus on winning instead of trying to avoid losing. The most successful people focus on a big reward. It is hard to think of many great people who focused on avoiding ri...

    (0) Making big progress without getting overwhelmed

    Making big progress without getting overwhelmed

    Here is an email that I just received from one of our customers. Do you ever feel like this person. I am still trying to figure out what I need to say for my web page and I would like to have a party. I'm new at this and the information you have hav...

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