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    Blog posts of '2007' 'July'

    (0) Cooperating with other vendors

    Charles Jarmond is a wholesale customer of ours in New York City. He has a disability; but has still built a successful business for himself. Here is one idea that he shared for this blog. If you are like me, you want to make your African Import experience the best. I have found that working with o...

    (0) How to find new customers with Nail Salons.

    There are lots of places to find new customers. We will talk about more of these places in future blog articles. Here an idea for this week. Nail salons are a perfect place to find customers for African health and beauty products. A huge percentage of the customers for African skin care go to nail ...

    (0) How much is convenience worth

    A friend of mine used to work at a 7-11 that was directly across the street from a major grocery store. He told me that people would come into the 7-11 and buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries at a time. These customers could have gone across the street to buy the same thing for a lot less mon...

    (0) Find more customers at spas!

    Looking for a new sales opportunity? Spas offer a goldmine of opportunities for you and your business. What is a spa? A spa is a place where licensed massage therapists and estheticians work with clients. They give massages, facials, and high-end body treatments. Why is a spa a great place for you...

    (0) Why isn't everything here made in Africa?

    Why isn't everything here made in Africa?

    Africa Imports has more African made products than anywhere else. There are some other popular product ideas that are made in other countries. To find out why, click here

    (0) How to know what to buy (Part 2)

    How can you know what your customers will buy

    You can choose the things that you like yourself ... But your customers will not always want the same things as you do (even though maybe they should) You can choose what you think they will like ... But maybe they won't like your choices enough to pay ...
    (0) Business cards leave an impression

    Business cards leave an impression

    One basic thing that anyone in business needs to have are business cards. Customers keep your business card; remember you by your card; and use your card to keep track of your other information easier. If you are too busy to get everything done that you need to (l...

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