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    Blog posts of '2007' 'August'

    (0) Oil Videos

    Oil Videos

    Find out how to get the most from your fragrance and body oils. This new video series on oils, shows you why so many people love these the way that they do. You can watch it right now on your computer for free at These videos show yo...

    (0) Helping your products to sell easier

    Here is a tip from Tum Tum Washington. One thing we have learned in thirty years of selling African crafts is that we need to be creative in making sure things are sellable. In particular with articles we import from Africa or buy from African runners, they are often delivered in unusable condition...

    (0) Four ways to think your way to success

    1. Think of your business as a business - not a hobby. Even if you don't invest a lot of money to get started, be committed to working your business just as if you had invested over $100,000. to get started. People with hobbies quit (at least for a while) when they have bad days. People with real bu...

    (0) Store Locations - being creative

    This article was sent in by a customers in Connecticut - Willis Diggs. A message to those looking to start up a business. I have heard a number of individuals say their businesses failed because they found it difficult to attract customers. For example, a few years ago I visited a newly opened con...

    (0) Courting customers with special events

    The following tip was just sent in from one of our wholesale customers. One of the things that has helped me with my business is to have a discussion night once a month. A speaker comes to my shop and talks for an hour or so and then the rest of the time is for others to discuss the subject of the ...

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