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    Blog posts of '2012' 'October'

    (0) Congo Orphan Children Singing in Church

    Children Singing in church

    The children shown in the video below are meeting at a church in Congo, Africa where they receive food that your purchases provide. It's easy to forget all of the luxuries that we have living in the western world. We live so much better here; with so much less concern fo...
    (0) New Jewelry
    [caption id="attachment_6228" align="alignleft" width="100"] Click to see all new Jewelry.[/caption] Having new ideas all the time keeps your business exciting and keeps your customers coming back. Here are photos of a few samples from just the last two weeks. There's more. Click here to see all of...
    (0) Free Shipping until October 28

    Beginning right now, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on any order over $199.00.

    How to get FREE SHIPPING:

    Enter the coupon code 'FREESHIP4' at checkout. The shipping price will change to $0.00 when you check out. or Call Africa Imports at (800) 500-6120. Give coupon code 'FREESHIP4' to the customer servic...
    (0) Orphans in Africa getting food that you provide
    When you purchase anything from Africa Imports, a part of what you spend goes directly to a group of orphanages in Africa. My wife Randy and I had the big privilege of visiting the orphanages two weeks ago to check on the kids and the money. The video below shows a woman (the woman in a white shir...
    (0) Trip to Congo | Orphan children in Congo singing
    The girls singing in the video generally have no parents and are living with relatives. Because the relatives can not afford to care for the extra children, girls like these often have a very hard life. Working with some of the volunteers in the church where this video was taken, your purchases buy...
    (0) Obama Give Away Contest

    Enter to WIN 12 Obama T-shirts and 30 Posters.

     Over $180 Value.

    Enter the "Africa Imports Obama T-Shirt/Poster Give-a-way" today for your chance to win 12 Obama t-shirts and 30 inauguration posters. That's more than $180.00 in wholesale value. We even ship it to you FREE! Promotion ends October 2...
    (0) Trip to Congo

    Thanks for Helping!

    [caption id="attachment_6111" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Brice and orphans Click to view larger image.[/caption] We flew to the Congo over the weekend to visit many of the orphanages that Africa Imports supports. These are the orphan kids in one of the 10 different orphanages. This photo ...
    (0) Fall 2012 Retail Catalog Now Available
    The new African Clothing & Artwork is in stock and available now! Besides just handing these books out to your customers and potential customers, here's 3 easy and proven ideas that will help get more customers and generate more sales: 1) You can put a sticker on the book that says “20% off if y...
    (0) Give your home an authentic African flair with these new handcrafted items!

    Wooden Dogon Window/Door

    Adorn your walls with these hand-crafted doors from Mali. They feature primordial beings, Kanaga masks, sun lizards, ancestors, and scenes of life and were used to protect a family’s grain storage. They are carved on several panels and secured together with iron staples. Th...

    (0) What advice would you give to someone starting a new African business?
    Carla in Katy TX told us about how she sells the most; her biggest success; her biggest failure; and some other things. Some of her responses are shown in this small series of blog articles so that you can get as much help from her experiences as you want. This forth question is the title of this ar...
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