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    Blog posts of '2013' 'September'

    (0) Therapeautic Uses of Neem Oil
    m-316mNeem oil is derived from crushing the seeds of the Neem plant. It is a powerful anthelmintic compound and has a very wide spectrum of action and is highly medicinal in nature, which includes being a spermicidal compounds as well as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, etc. It should be used only externally...
    (0) Making A Difference

    Meet Exaucé who is 12 years old.  He lives with his grandmother because both parents have passed away.  His grandmother just barely making a living. IMG_1260-use

    (0) New Bracelet: Trade Bead Bracelet
    J-B653m The Brass Trade Bead bracelet is adorned with beautiful trade beads made from glass. No two are alike. Adorn yourself with these beautiful bracelets today. Made in Kenya. Click here....
    (0) Caring for your D'Jembe Drum
    M-M010 D'Jembe Drum
    D'Jembe drums need your love and care for them to last a long time. It is not high maintenance, but it can only take so much abuse especially the drum head. Do not place objects on the drum head as the drum head is made of goat skin and only 1-2 mm thick. It's not a table or foot rest. Because onc...
    (0) Making A Difference
    Five days previous to little Thomas’  arrival at the orphanage little Immaculee was brought.  She was born on June 6th and abandoned at birth by her mom. How I ache for the 2 moms that abandoned their babies now two months ago – Thomas has a skin infection – something related to eczema. He is bei...
    (0) Fall & Winter Catalog is coming to a mailbox near you.
    2013 Fall wholesale Catalog

    Gear up for the Fall & Winter!

    Our NEW Wholesale Catalog is here and will be mailed out to our wholesale customers in a few days. You will love this catalog! We have so much more products to sell in this 144 page catalog of totally new fashions, jewelry, artwork, and so much more! There is more t...
    (0) Black Jamaican Castor Oil for your hair.
    Castor oil has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years for all kinds of ailments. The Castor bean is native to Eastern Africa and made its way to Jamaica via the slave trade. Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil is dark brown in color accompanied with the traditional burnt smell.
    Black Castor Oil

    Hair thinning a...

    (0) Free soap with a minimum purchase.


    For our Wholesale customers. Get our 4 Best Selling Soaps for free ($18 retail value) with a wholesale order of $200 or more. Act now while supplies last. You get the following best-selling soaps in this package.
    (0) Making A Difference
    Here are the 7 new children that became a part of Good Friend Ministry
    today.  Their first day to receive groceries.  
    It is a JOY doing Good Friend - being able to minister to these kids and the
    adult in their homes.  
    Brice will get pictures for you of their conditions.  
    Pray that they will ...
    (0) Amazing Africa Info Graphic Map!
    It’s no secret that there are many people on the African continent that need help, but it seems sometimes that the specifics of the situation get lost in the overall idea. Which regions are more heavily hit with poverty versus AIDS, is there a connection between literacy and political rights? It see...
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