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    Blog posts of '2014' 'March'

    (0) Making A Difference
    Brice did the wordless book for the orphans – he did an excellent presentation. They hear truth, may they cherish it!! Help us to know how to assist them individually when they want counsel or prayer. THANK YOU FOR GIVING AND GIVING AIMG_1713ND GIVING!!...
    (0) Good Friend Ministry
    Good Friend Ministry is a charitable activity that we support for children in the Congo. Through this we distribute food to some of the poorest children. In this video, you can see the difficult conditions these kids live in everyday. ...
    (0) Making a difference - Food to give out and tragedy
    Full of protein foods today at Good Friend. Salted fish, 2 whole chickens, and beans. One of the Good Friend children died this past week and another is in the hospital after a fall at school. Which is terrible and our prayers go out to their families.


    Thank you for your generosity, thank you for ...

    (0) Making A Difference - lesson on Moses
    We were at Moukondo Orphanage this AM. Brice did the second lesson on Moses - the call of God on his life. The memory verse was 1 Thessalonians 5:24 “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”IMG_1682...
    (0) Making a difference - little things
    It’s the little things in life that are the most enjoyable. Two of them fell fast asleep!! The cool cement floor was just what they needed!!



    (0) Making A Difference - Update
    Maman Celestine has hired 3 new workers - they change constantly just because of her hard nature. I feel bad for the kids BUT HE knows and HE is the one that does not disappoint. These are the little ones - I just did a simple lesson on the Word of God while Brice worked with those over 8 years of ...
    (0) Download the New Retail catalog
    retail-catalog2014v6 The new African Clothing & Artwork retail catalog is currently being printed. However, you can download the pdf to give to your customers. It's just in time for the Spring. It is filled with beautiful dresses, kaftans, and dashikis that your customers crave. Moreover it has great new jewelry and ...
    (0) Making A difference - Meet Dido
    Dido has been at the orphanage 2 years. His parents died during the war. He was one of the first kids at the orphanage. Before he arrived, he carried water a long distance and sold bananas all day only so they would give him one banana at night. pho6to Patrick has been at the orphanage 2 years. His par...
    (0) March Flier and Congratulations to Winner of Photo Contest
    As always, you can also print out copies for your own customers without our company name on it. Choose the retail prices or no prices issues for FREE here.  

    The winner of the African clothing photo contest is shown here. Congratulations to Mardi...

    (0) Making A Difference - Meet Achille
    Achille has been at the orphanage 2 years. He’s in 3rd grade and unfortunately his parents died in a natural disaster. ph6oto Josephine’s parents died during the war. When she was brought, she had been alone and crying in the forest. She hadn’t eaten for two days.


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