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    Blog posts of '2014' 'April'

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    (0) Making a difference - Little Tonhy and Jean
    Little Tonhy was abandoned and brought to Bethanie - they are unsure of his age, he is underweight so hard to know.


    Jean (John)  abandoned and also very underweight – he again was found in a market area, late at night and arrived at Bethanie through Social Services.


    (0) Making A Difference - Meet Grace
    Grace is 11 years old.  She has been at Mpila for 2 years.  Her parents are irresponsible and neighbors feared for her life and so Social Services came and took her from the home. IMG_1715...
    (0) Making a difference - Meet Merveille and Francis
    Merveille was also abandoned - she has a cyst that needs to be removed -it is not cancerous, they are waiting for her to gain weight and some age before they will operate. She is so beautiful.


    Françis is 3 years old.  He has been at Mpila since last October.  He was abandoned in a village north of...

    (0) New April Flier
    As always, you can also print out copies for your own customers without our company name on it. Choose the retail prices or no prices issues for FREE here.  


    (0) Making A Difference - More food to bring
    Here Brice and Mireille are outside of the Moukondo Orphanage. What you see in the trunk is approx. $500 worth of groceries. Just what these kids and their families need. Today is All Saint’s Day and so people are either at home or visiting cemeteries so it was a great day to do deliveries. They...
    (0) Making a difference - Meet Gaylore
    Garylore was abandoned and picked up by police and given to Social Services who brought him to Bethany. He is so healthy and doing so very well!


    These are the 11 boxes of frozen, chicken, beef and fish that we delivered at Moukondo today. Thank you for this protein, thank you!!! The children appre...

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