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    Blog posts of '2014' 'August'

    (0) Herboganic Black Seed Bitters
    Cleanse and totally detoxify your body with organic black seed bitters! H-034m Why Black Seed Bitters? The #1 reason Black Seed Bitters are essential is because they are one of the only ways to prevent and relieve auto-intoxication. Anti-intoxication is a fancy term for a process of “self-poisoning”. A...
    (0) Homemade Coconut Oil Scrubs
    Save money by making your own body scrubs and get even better results! All-natural exfoliation for soft, gorgeous, glowing skin. African Woman With a Head Towel Ingredients:
      - 1/4 cup granulated sugar or salt - *use 1/2 cup for more coarse/sand like texture (sugar is recommended for drier skin, salt is recommended for oily skin...
    Come for a visit to Africa Imports... Knowing who you are buying from is very important but let's face it, you can't always go and meet each company you deal with. That's why we are bringing a little piece of Africa Imports right to your home! Click here to go on a virtual tour of Africa Imports...
    (0) FREE Tea Sampler Set!!
    Sip your way to health with our tea sampler set! Place any $50 wholesale order today until midnight on August 13th and use the promo code FREETEA. M-500 Sampler Set includes 18 tea bags (3 of each flavor) - Mango Tea (NEW) -Green Tea (NEW) -Lemongrass Tea (NEW) -Hibiscus Tea -African Red Tea -Cleansing ...
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