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    Blog posts of '2015' 'October'

    (0) Black Jamaican Castor Oil Eyelash Treatment

    Get ultra long, healthy eyelashes while you sleep with Desired Diva's Jamaican Castor Oil Eyelash Treatment! Used for centuries in Jamaica to increase hair, eyelash, and eyebrow growth. All you have to do is apply the oil to your lashes before bed using the handy mascara wand. While you sleep the oi...

    (0) Prevent Aging with Shea Butter

    Shea butter has been used for generations in Africa as a body butter to moisturize, heal, and condition. The conditioning agents can actually help keep wrinkles from even starting! Shea butter is full of nutrients, including vitamin A, which gives many healing properties and can aid in treating blem...

    (0) 12x18” African American Stick Flag
    The Pan-African flag, also known as the UNIA flag, African-American flag and Black Liberation Flag,is a tri-color flag consisting of three horizontal bands of red, black and green. This flag of the African nation combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. Founded by Marcus Gar...
    (0) 4 Ways African Black Soap Can Help You


    Get your African black soap today!

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    (0) Asoke Fabric - Choose Your Own Piece!
    Asoke cloth is crafted by the Yoruba people group of Nigeria and has been woven for hundreds of years in one form or another. The strips of Asoke cloth are sewn together to create a piece of fabric unique from ALL others EVER created. With the “Choose Your Own Piece” option now available, you can pi...
    (0) Does Tea Tree Oil REALLY Heal Acne? Find Out With This New Infographic!

    Want to order your own tea tree oil? Just check out the links below!

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    (0) What difference does color make to body oils?

    People have different opinions about what color a specific body oil should be. Some people have very strong opinions as to what color is the right color for a body oil. Other people say that it does not matter. Here's some thoughts to help you decide for yourself. Bottles with basics oils isolated on white

    Some people say that the color of...

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