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    Blog posts of '2016' 'December'

    (0) Send Headaches Packing with a new Essential Oil Blend
      headache-away-feature Do you suffer from pounding headaches or migraines? While tylenol and other pain relievers can help, they can also be less than ideal for your body. Long-term use of pain killers is associated with kidney disease and bleeding in the digestive tract along with an increase in heart attack, stroke...
    (0) New Hand-Carved Ebony Artwork Just in Time for Christmas!
    ebony-artwork-feature Are you looking for a stunning piece of hand-crafted artwork as a Christmas gift? We've just gotten a huge shipment of intricately crafted ebony art pieces anyone will love. But before we get to the items themselves, what makes ebony so special? The Quality of Ebony Ebony is a dense, black hardw...
    (0) Discover the History of the Maasai Sword

    maasai-sword-feature-photo We're so excited to present this African Maasai sword from Kenya. Swords like these are referred to as "Semes" by the Maasai people. They are the constant side arm of the Maasai warrior. The sword is light and short, with a double-edged, leaf-shaped spatula blade made from steel. The sheath is made...

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