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    Blog posts of '2016' 'July'

    (0) It Might Look Weird - But This African Soap Is Changing Lives
    Black Soap Paste Feature PhotoWe're a little obsessed with finding the healthiest, most natural ways to take care of your skin. We're also a little obsessed with finding ways to bring unique African products to people here in the US. Why? Well, you get to enjoy amazing skin AND talented artisans and soapmakers in Africa can have...
    (0) Annie Lee Dolls Portray the Work of a Legend

    Annie Lee Dolls Feature Photo “You’re going to be working all of your life, so just do what makes you happy! And, if you are able to make others happy while doing what makes you happy, what more could you ask?" - Annie Lee We were recently given the incredible opportunity to add a line of Annie Lee dolls to our products here a...

    (0) The 5 Powerful Ingredients in Raw Shea Butter Soap

    Raw Shea Butter Soap Benefits This raw shea butter soap has long been a best-seller here at Africa Imports, and it's not hard to see why. Fans of the soap rave that it does everything from soften skin to repel mosquitoes! "I love this soap.....not only does it improve the quality of your skin but I found another benefit. I live...

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