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    Blog posts of '2016' 'August'

    (0) 5 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Hair Shampoo

    5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Shampoo I have to admit that when it comes to hair care, in the past I’ve been very reckless. After all, my hair is just dead skin cells, right? Why should I really care what kinds of chemicals I put on it?! A few years ago I came to the harsh realization that I had been wrong. Did you know that the synthe...

    (0) The Symbolism of Tie Dye Fabric in Africa

    The Symbolism of Tie Dye in Africa When a lot of us see tie dye we think of hippies and 60's culture, but did you know that tie dyeing has long been a practice in Africa? From Ghana to Gambia, tie dyeing is one of the many ways that African artisans like to express their style and diversity. Many of the symbols you'll see in African...

    (0) 12 Ways Noni Juice Can Heal Your Body

    Noni Juice Benefits Noni juice is picking up more and more popularity throughout the U.S. because of its numerous health benefits. Derived from the tropical Noni plant, noni juice is brimming with Vitamins and nutrients. You'll get a good dose of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, ...

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