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    Blog posts of '2017' 'February'

    (0) T-Shirt Design Contest

    We have many designs of T-shirts we would like to offer. Vote for the T-shirt, you would want us to offer at Africa Imports this summer. Just click on the star of the design you want to vote for. Only one vote for user.

    (0) Can Essential Oils Improve Your Focus?

    Can Essential Oils Improve Your Focus- Do you spend your days blearily going from one task to the next? Do you struggle with maintaining your energy and focus? Do you struggle with procrastination or hazy thinking? What if there was a natural way to have greater focus and clarity in your mind? There has been research that shows that ess...

    (0) Which African Look Fits YOUR Personality?
    Black History Month Feature (1) So you want to celebrate your African heritage this month but you're not sure which outfit to pick? There are so many styles to choose from and so many things to consider. Let's find something that fits you. Are you.... A Powerful Career Woman? george pant set This George Pant Suit gives you the elegance and...
    (0) Your Guide to the Top 12 Black History Month Fashions
    Black History Month Feature Black History Month is now in full-swing, and if you're anything like us, you're probably looking for the perfect garment to celebrate your heritage! That's why we put on our research glasses to find out which garments are the most popular this February. If you want to enjoy the colorful, vibrant...
    (0) How to clean Batik cloth paintings and oil paintings
    AC-B240 The really correct way to clean these is with what is called a "dry sponge" or "dry cleaning sponge" you can get these from cleaning supply companies. They are also not difficult to find online (you can search under dry cleaning sponge). These are not regular sponges, but chemically treated sponge...
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