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    Blog posts of '2018' 'October'

    (0) Haitian Black Castor Oil
    Haitian Black Castor Oil is enriched in omega 6 fatty acids and Ricinoleic acid. This ingredient is good for things like hair growth, skin care, sore muscle relief and soothing joint pains. Below are some benefits of Haitian Black Castor oil... Thickens and nourishes hair. Prevents hair loss. Reju...
    (0) Gye Nyame

    Gye Nyame is an Adinkra Symbol expressing the omnipotence of God. It signals the necessity of God’s intervention in a difficult situation which transcends the ability of man to resolve. It also shows the relative greatness of a task or entity. Gye Nyame has become an icon of all Adinkra, encapsulat...

    (0) 10 Health Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil


    Find rosemary essential oil and other essential oils at Africa Imports

    (0) Testimonial - Ansen in MS

    I would like to think Africa Imports Brenna for for taking her time to work with me and teach me how to become a better business person. She is truly a blessing and Heaven sent thanks much love!! ~ Ansen at Jackson, MS

    (0) African Proverbs - Kuba

    Women are part of the origin of life’s big mystery on earth; they know the secret of a good life.

    ~ Kuba Proverb The Kuba is an old empire in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) known for it traditional art and design. The life and work of the Kuba woman centered on the home and duties to ...

    (0) 10 Health Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil

    Find chamomile essential oil and other essential oils at Africa Imports

    (0) October Specials

     You can find more of our Web specials here. To find out more of what we have to offer, visit Africa Imports.

    (0) 10 Health Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil


    Find thyme and other essential oils here.




















    (0) Meet Corine and Corina
    Meet Corine and Corina Ebeka from Brazzaville in Congo. Your purchases with Africa Imports have helped buy groceries for these twin girls. ...
    (0) Adding Your Fragrance to Your Black Soap Paste

    Ingredients: 4.5 lbs. Black Soap Paste ONE of the following fragrance options: 1.7 oz. Fragrance Oil OR 0.7 oz. Essential Oil Mix the fragrance oil into the soap paste until evenly mixed. After mixing if the fragrance is not as strong as you would like then you can add up to an additional 4 oz. of...

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