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    Blog posts of '2018' 'July'

    (0) African Djembe drumming history - Getting the full experience

    Music is a universal language that appeals to everyone, regardless of their background. One of the most fun things about music from around the world is finding unique instruments from different places and cultures.

    Africa is a continent that is rich in musical traditions. One of the most interestin...

    (0) Ten Things Our Customers Say Give Them Success

    womanflowerheadwrapbasekt Earlier in the month, we decided to take a look at what made our customers just like YOU, successful. Here are the top 10 things that give our customers/business owners success: 1. Wearing or displaying products you're selling 2. Advertisement on social media 3. Great customer service 4. Hosting or...

    (0) Youth Group Dashiki Night with Edith

    "I got a great deal on them and was able to sell them for a small profit to help the kids!" ~ Edith, Hartford, CT

    070218 edith jackson success M

    Meet Edith and her husband. They sell dashikis from Africa Imports for their local youth group church event. Thank you Edith and congratulations on your success!

    (0) 10 Health Benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
    Ylang_Ylang01 Find ylang ylang essential oil as well as other essential oils at Africa Imports...
    (0) Goat skin drum heads - how they are inspected and cared for
    The goatskin drum heads come to us directly from Africa. The goat skins are never perfect, but they are definitely better than average. Here is what we do. When the goat skins arrive, they are checked for quality. Some holes and other imperfections may be allowed around the edges. They treated wit...
    (0) Michele's Success Story
    "Setting up numerous vending events in and around Florida as well as New York," ~ Michele, Brooklyn, NY success story michele c success story michele c_3 Always having items in stock for her customers is the most important key to success for Michele and her business. Thank you Michele and congratulations on your success!...
    (0) African Wedding Photo
    Some pics of my wedding that Africa Imports made possible! ~ Viola in Longview, TX wedding Viola-of-longview...
    (0) Happy Fourth of July from Congo

    Enjoy a smile from Congo. 070518 fourth_congogirl Fourth of July is not a holiday in Africa, but this girl still sends us her thanks to you and us here. A part of any purchase from Africa Imports helps to buy food and other needs for the children's home here.

    (0) Abby's Mud Cloth Success

    "I love how I can find unique pieces of mud cloth"~ Abby, Overland Park, KS

    Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAbby has her own business called Broken Arrow where she's had great success with our mud cloths. Here we have some beautiful handcrafted pillows made from our mud cloth pieces. mudclothpillows2_abbyhill mudcloth pillows_abbyhill Creating great relationships and building co...

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