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    Blog posts of '2019' 'October'

    (0) Monica's herbal fat burning experience

    As I open my eyes to a brand NEW Day.  I love ME! I am using the herbal fat burners.  I am using the Bitters to improve my inner as well as outer fitness. ~ Monica in Richland, MS       You can see different African herbal health remedies here.

    (0) Thank yous from children in Congo

    The kids shown here are saying thank you to some of the people at Africa Imports. They would say thank you to you also if they could. On their behalf, thank you for your purchases and for the difference that these make for others like the children shown.

    (0) Africa Imports in England

    Our African stall was a success. People loved it!! Thank you. ~ Tatiana in United Kingdom     Thanks you again for your purchases with Africa Imports.

    (0) Last chance price specials

    Choose from over 40 big price cuts here. See generous price cuts on the last few left of each item shown here.

    See all the specials here The only thing different about the items on this page is that they are almost sold out. We dropped the price by a lot just so that we could save shelf space. Yo...

    (0) New ideas from Africa

    There is a new arrivals flier that you might be getting in the mail soon. You can see everything here right now though. There are new items, back in stock favorites, and some special price sale items. Visit us here any time to see more.

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