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    Blog posts of '2019' 'August'

    (0) More meals for street children

    One person we have worked with for the last year is Williamson. He has been very thorough in reporting to us on what goes on from his work. He is a very conscientious and capable person. He has a wife and four children and lives in Ndola in Zambia. I had seen a photo of Williamson’s wife (Miriam) bu...

    (0) Top 10 best sellers August 2019
    See what's selling fastest right now at Africa Imports       See the video here  ...
    (0) Orphan children in Congo receiving groceries

    The children in this photo each received a bag of groceries this last weekend. This was paid for from your purchases with Africa Imports.   Some of the foster parents of the children as shown in the back. There are approximately 900 children who receive meals because of this. Thank you again for yo...

    (0) African Festival in Brooklyn NY 2019

    Get the experience of an African arts festival in Brooklyn NY here.     Africa Imports is the largest supplier of African products in the US. We hope that you will visit us some time also here.

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