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    Blog posts of '2020' 'May'

    (0) Is your birthday a holiday in Africa

    You can check for yourself on this African holidays calendar from Africa Imports.


    Africa Imports has the largest selection anywhere of authentic African clothing, art, and personal care products.

    (0) Create your own advertising fliers

    Copy pictures from our website, and design your own fliers or postcards to send to your past customers. These little reminders keep you on top of people’s minds, give people new ideas for ways to make their own life better or more fun. Something extra.

    See more work at home ideas here

    (0) Hardships in Zambia

    Your purchases from Africa Imports last month helped the people of Kapembwa village in Zambia. The coronavirus has made life especially difficult in Africa. There has also been flooding in this village next to Lake Tanganyika in Zambia which has caused the loss of crops for people farming, and a lot...

    (0) Top 10 best sellers in April 2020

    The coronavirus has changed what you are buying. See what sells best and fastest now. The top 10 best sellers for the month of April are shown here.   Thank you again for your partnership with Africa Imports.

    (0) Repair slightly damaged items

    You can visit our Bargain Basement section to find items with minor damages. You can either sell these cheap for your own bargain hunter customers; or you can make some minor repairs to add a lot of value. See these at   See more work at home ideas here

    (0) Congratulations to Lyn Smith: the winner of the $200 gift certificate for her efforts during the coronavirus pandemic

    Ms. Smith works at an Elementary Charter School as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Instructor. With the school closure and the StayHomeMN Order due to the Coronovirus-19 pandemic; she goes to the school twice a week to provide child care for Essential Workers. She made her...

    (0) NEW- 10 Health Benefits of Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil

    Find copaiba balsam essential oil and other essential oils at Africa Imports

    (0) Thank you notes

    Send handwritten thank you notes to people who have bought from you in the past. Re-connect with your customers. You can phone, email, or even visit them. If you love people, it is fun. These past customers can also give your business new life fast. See more work at home ideas here

    (0) Orphan children in Zambia helped during coronavirus lockdown

    The coronavirus lockdown has left many children in Africa with big problems. Alfred in Zambia was able to purchase and deliver this food to a small group of orphans in his area with money from Africa Imports sales last week.

    (0) Testimonial from Keydra

    The order again met and some items exceeded expectations. ~ Keydra in Baton Rouge, LA Africa Imports

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