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    Blog posts of '2020' 'June'

    (0) Twins helping twins

    In Congo, this older set of twins helps to care for a younger pair of twins.     Your purchases with Africa Imports help to purchase groceries for about 300 orphan children in Congo.

    (0) Langston Hughes Quote

    “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” – Langston Hughes

    Langston Hughes

    Africa Imports is the largest supplier in the US of African and Afrocentric wholesale products. See us here.

    (0) Helping people in need from coronavirus in rural Africa

    Kingfred is shown here (in a mask) with a group of women he delivered food to on Lake Tanganyika in Zambia. There is a lockdown in this area, so these people can not work, and run out of food. Your purchases with Africa Imports paid for this food and for transportation costs for Kingfred. Together w...

    (0) Helping prisoners during Coronavirus lockdown

    Over half of the profits of Africa Imports go to help people with needs in Africa. During this coronavirus lockdown, people in prison face an especially difficult time in Africa. Your purchases allowed us to deliver meals to a number of prisoners who often go without food when their family members c...

    (0) Send Emails

    You can send something each week, or just once a month. Send a favorite new product for each customer. If you pick out a few different ones to start, you will be able to find a single favorite for almost every name you have.

    If you send a favorite to people once every few weeks, you eventual...

    (0) Wheelbarrow men get a meal during coronavirus lockdown

    Over half of the profits of Africa Imports go to help people with needs in Africa. Wheelbarrow men normally move things between stores and customers in the markets. During this coronavirus lockdown, there was a group of 20 of these wheelbarrow men in Zambia with no work because very few people are b...

    (0) NEW- 10 Health Benefits of Organic Oregano Essential Oil

    Find organic oregano essential oil and other essential oils at Africa Imports

    (0) Your purchases deliver food during coronavirus lockdown

    This 65 year old widow in Zambia had had no food for several days when this gift from your purchases was given to her. She was surprised and very grateful.   Thank you for your purchases from Africa Imports.

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