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    Blog posts of '2020' 'September'

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    Africa Imports 

    (0) NEW- 10 Health Benefits of Palmarosa Essential Oil

    Find palmarosa essential oil and other essential oils at Africa Imports

    (0) Today's Free Giveaway

    Africa Imports has over 180 African soaps

    (0) A special way to show black soap to customers

    Here’s a photo from a customer. See how they make their black soap more valuable to their own customers.

    Africa Imports has over 180 African soaps

    (0) Protester's Survival Kit

    Protester's Survival Kit - C-A767

    You can support equality and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) initiative with the Protester's Survival Kit. It can help make demonstrating a little easier with:

    • BLM Tote Bag

    • BLM Mask

    • BLM T-shirt

    • BLM Water Bottle

    • Hand Sanitizer Spray

    Protests are...

    (0) Free in September

    Over 20 more toothpastes online. Africa Imports

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