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    Blog posts of '2021' 'January'

    Traditional African Secrets For Long And Healthy Hair

    “Good hair is defined by hair health not by hair texture”. African hair, whether it is coils or braids, it shows pride in the roots. It is healthy, versatile, and shows confidence. On average, hair grows about half an inch a month. This figure can vary depending upon hair health, habits, and genetic...

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    M-P435 - African Chebe Shampoo & Conditioner Set



    O-202 - 1/3oz Glass Roll-On Bottles



    X-100 - Easy Business Start-Up Kit



    M-S501 - Dudu-Osun Black Soap



    H-095 - Organic Firm & Flat Belly Detox - 8 oz








    M-203 - Kwanzaa Candle Set




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    (0) Explore Unique & Traditional African Wholesale Products At Africa Imports

    Africa is popular for its rich tradition. Its sculptures, weaving, beading, jewelry & dresses are in high demand throughout the world. An art form from one region of Africa may differ from the other depending on values, customs, and beliefs. Different dresses, jewelry pieces, and accessories represe...

    (0) Making a Difference

    Making a difference


    There are 5 homeless young men in Nairobi who worked together to make these key chains. Each key chain had all of the beads being strung by hand. 


    Your purchase helped to make a big difference to the men shown here. They were each needing work, and were able to take pay...

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