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    Blog posts of '2021' 'May'

    (0) Customer Spotlight ~ Anitra in RiverDale, GA

    ~ Anitra in RiverDale, GA
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    (0) The Top 10 Superfood Powders For a Natural Health Boost

    Top 10 superfood powders for a natural health boost

    Eating well is one of the essential things you can do to stay healthy. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, supplementing your diet with natural superfood powders provides an extra health boost!

    Adding nutrient-dense super powders—from maca ...

    (0) Customer Spotlight~ Sha’ in Enterprise, AL

    ~ Sha’ in Enterprise, AL

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    (0) The Top 10 Benefits Of Using African Black Soaps

    If you're looking for a natural way to improve your beauty, black soap is the answer. African black soap is a natural cleanser due to the common plant-based ingredients like coconut, shea butter and palm oil. During pregnancy, women use black soap to prevent dry skin and stretch marks caused by h...

    (0) Customer Spotlight ~ Gizelda in Metairie, LA

    ~ Gizelda in Metairie, LA

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    (0) How Natural Black African Soap Helps to Treat, Moisturize and Prevent Problematic Skin

    When it is about taking good care of your skin, you have to start from the basics. A bar of soap is something that comes in direct contact with your skin and has a lot of potentials to revitalize or damage it. While looking for the best nourishing soaps, black soap, the natural handmade product fr...

    (0) What are the Benefits of Pure Organic Unrefined Shea Butter for Skin and Hair?

    If you care even a tiny bit about your skin, you probably must have heard about Shea butter. It is derived from the Shea trees found in Africa and is off-white in color. This ingredient is a staple in skincare products made to give moisture to the skin and keep it soft and refreshed.

    The organic ...

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