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    Blog posts of '2022' 'July'

    (0) Healthy BMI for Women: What is it?

    We all want to be healthy. Most of us have tried to lose weight. Want to find out how you are really doing?

    Most people check their weight loss with a scale. There is another way. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) gives you the key to real knowledge of what your weight loss efforts are really doing for yo...

    (0) Guide to Diet Teas: The Benefits, Usage and Dosage

    Losing weight does not always need to be hard. If you love drinking tea, there are now  new herbal and diet teas that can help you lose weight with some enjoyment.

    Diet teas, also known as weight loss or slimming teas, have actually been around for longer than thought; in fact, most of today’s...

    (1) Make Your Own Shea Butter Body Scrub

    When it comes to natural products, there are so many fun and simple ways to combine them to make nourishing body scrubs. You can blend shea butter with anything from brown sugar, dead sea salts, coffee granules and more to make a scrub.

    Here's What You Need: 

    1 cup raw, unrefined shea butter 


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