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Natural Black Soap and Why it Works

07/16/2009 13:09

"I love this soap. I have been using this soap on my face for five years. I do not have any breakouts as long as it has these ingredients. It leaves my face soft. It has a very clean aroma. A little pinch of this soap goes a long ways. I am very glad you have the one I have been searching for. I also like the availability of the small packages to offer to my customers." This is a review left by one of our customers relating to the natural black soap. Natural black soap has consistently sold well, and when we use it or ask our customers about it, almost everyone is very enthusiastic about their experience. It's amazing what a few natural ingredients can do to really improve the health of your skin.

Here are just a few reasons why natural black soap is so effective: - It's all natural. No chemicals, additives, or detergents means softer, healthier, stronger skin - and less breakouts! - Black soap is also a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. This helps to strengthen the skin and hair. - Black soap contains a high amount of glycerin, which absorbs moisture from the air and literally deposits it into the skin, making the skin soft and supple. Natural black soap is hand-crafted in West Africa and can be used as a hair shampoo and for the skin. It's the only soap many West African mothers will use on their babies, as it is gentle on very sensitive skin. You can find out more about black soap by reading this article here.

You can get your own natural black soap by Clicking Here, keep in mind there are also other sizes of this soap available. You can get it in a 4 oz, 8 oz, or 5-8 lb. size. You can also find many more natural skin care products by clicking here.