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New Africa Imports clothing catalog

04/03/2009 12:04

Something that people ask us for most are new clothing catalogs. It seems like we can make a new clothing catalog today, and a lot of people will want another new one a week from now. It's wonderful to have ideas like this that so many people just can't get enough of. This catalog was just delivered to us from our printer yesterday. This is a retail catalog with no company name on it. It is printed to help our wholesale customers grow their businesses faster. You can give copies of this to your customers, and they can find more ideas than they ever could any other way. You don't need to keep everything in stock for people this way. Your customers can choose what they like best from 64 pages of African clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories.


 The best thing that these catalogs do for our wholesale customers is that they give you a tool for keeping in touch with your own customers. If you give out these catalogs to people, they will remember your business, and remember the effort that you make for them better. They will see the catalog (and be reminded about you) over and over again. We will send you one for free with any order that you make. If you can't wait for the mail to get yours though, you can download and print out a copy right now here. By the way, there is more new African clothing (and more new African art, drums, oils, soaps, and other African products) on our website than we can ever put into a catalog. If you like being the first to see new African products; or if you want a lot more choices; I hope that you'll visit Africa Imports website.