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New African fashions clothing catalog

07/15/2008 08:36

We just got the newest Africa Imports retail clothing catalog back from our printer. It is 64 pages long; and is filled with all of the newest arrivals of African clothing. Wholesale customers can get a lot of new sales and customers from this catalog. There is no company name printed on them, so you can label them to be your own company catalogs. When you give your customers new catalogs, They have the chance to order something they see; and they remember other things that they might want from you. The more times that you give something like this to your customers, the better they will remember you when they are ready. Clothing fashions change fast. People who love African clothing are always looking for something new and exciting. I hope that you will get some of these for your customers, so that you are remembered as someone who has what your customers are wanting. You can order these for $0.59 each (50 catalogs for $29.50). You can also print out copies for free if you want.