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New! African Tribal Spirit Masks

06/04/2012 13:02


Get into the spirit! And transform any room or environment with these beautiful African masks, which have been traditionally used to summon the aid of helpful spirits. Hand-carved in Kenya, these masks represent the spirits of different virtues and blessings. 

-BB-867 "Youth"

-BB-868 "Strength"

-BB-864 "Protection"

-BB-866 "Pride"

-BB-869 "Fertility"

-BB-865 "Beauty"

Hand-painted details add rich color to each ancient symbolic image. Perfect for hanging on a wall or leaning on a shelf or mantel, enjoy connecting with the spirit of Africa through these artistic tribal expressions. Each mask is approximately 14" tall. Choose the mask that speaks to you most, or collect them all! To explore more authentic African carvings, masks, statues and other artwork visit our main site here.