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New Arrival: African Mango All Natural Diet Formula

05/01/2012 13:20

African Mango Fusion M-P182

African Mango has been widely recognized for weight loss the last several years and its popularity continues to be very strong. Why? Because according to many health experts, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, it really works! For centuries, African Mango has been used by the natives to Cameroon as a diet aid and energy producing fruit. African Mango works by increasing the amount of leptin present in the bloodstream, which is a hormone naturally produced by the body to control hunger. Taking the supplement before you eat a meal is beneficial because it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. By taking African Mango, it tells the brain that the body has had enough food. This all-natural formula also increases metabolism, fights fatigue, and increases energy. The African Mango Fusion dietary supplement is superior to other mango dietary aids on the market because it also combines the ancient effectiveness of African Mango with additional ingredients such as Green Tea and Resveratrol which have both been clinically proven to aid with metabolism and help prevent future weight gain while also burning fat. You can find our available stock of African Mango Fusion here. We carry many healing and natural health products. Learn more about what we carry here. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.