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New catalogs

01/29/2008 11:06

A brand new 128 page catalog has just been mailed out. Some people really look forward to these. There are over 100 new products; and a lot of these can not be found anywhere else. We normally print a retail version of these catalogs that our wholesale customers can give to their own customers. This time, we printed just the wholesale catalog. So there is not a printed version of this retail catalog. Instead, we used the money that would have been spent for these to make a lower price of the 128 page winter catalog. The cost to print these was about $1.84 each; and we are selling them for $0.99. We could have printed this other catalog also, but dropping the price seemed like a better deal for most of our customers. I hope that this works for you. Everything in the winter catalog is still available; and you can give out more catalogs without spending more money this way. If you don't like this idea, please let me know. It seemed like the best thing for our customers; but if we guessed wrong, it would be a big help to know.