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New day home opens for Dakar street boys in Senegal

11/22/2008 12:00

Africa Imports has made $5,000. in donations to open a daytime home for street boys in Dakar, Senegal. Here is the report from the director of the home that we just received: "On October 15th, the boys just couldn't wait any longer for our building problems to be resolved. They were eager to come in just to have a drink of clean water and sit in the shade for a few minutes. First it was one or two, but they kept telling their friends and before we knew it the numbers grew. Two weeks later, we were getting 15-20 boys, and the numbers are still growing. So far, most of the boys are quite young, friendly, and speak Wolof. Each day more new boys come and the regulars seem to be relaxing more and more as they realize this is a safe and fun place for them. They really like getting their booboos taken care of too, and when the chewable vitamins come out, it's like they are a swarm of seagulls!" 

Find out more about this home in Dakar here. See the orphanages in Congo that Africa Imports buys all of the meals for here.