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New Hand-Carved Ebony Artwork Just in Time for Christmas!

12/07/2016 09:32


Are you looking for a stunning piece of hand-crafted artwork as a Christmas gift? We've just gotten a huge shipment of intricately crafted ebony art pieces anyone will love. But before we get to the items themselves, what makes ebony so special?

The Quality of Ebony 

Ebony is a dense, black hardwood that has a smooth, lustrous finish. The ebony used for these carvings is from Tanzania. This wood is considered a luxury wood, and was often found in ancient Egyptian tombs because of its elegance and association with royalty. The black keys of pianos are often made from ebony wood as well. The wood is the hardest, most durable wood there is, which has made it a hot commodity for crafters of high-quality furniture and artwork. 

Is This Ebony Endangered? 

We care about preserving the hardwood trees in Africa that are endangered at this time. From what we can tell, Tanzanian ebony is not endangered, but ebony from Madagascar is. For this reason we are not importing any ebony from Madagascar. 

The 5 New Ebony Wood-Carvings The Ebony Drummer


This drummer stands 8" tall and is a great gift for any music lovers in your life! Find out more here.

 Ebony Faces Plaque ebony-a-e603 

This faces plaque captures the beauty of the African people. It is 16" tall and 5" wide. Find out more here.

 Ebony Woman and Baby ebony-woman-and-baby-a-e618 

This statue is perfect for any mother you know and captures the beauty of the maternal relationship. It stands 11" tall. Find out more here

Abstract Ebony People Statue ebony-people-accurate 

These abstract statues are elegant and incredibly fluid in their design and luster. They stand 8-9" tall. Find out more here.

 Abstract Ebony Family Tree Carving ebony-family-tree-a-e617 

Celebrate the unity of family and the intricacy of African artwork with this 11" tall statue. Find out more here. Do you want to see more pieces like this? Check out our ebony artwork section here.