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New Herbal Africa Products Alert!

12/05/2011 13:03

Enjoy better health for your body, heal everyday digestive ailments and boost your immunity to avoid cold and flu season. These are just some of the many benefits that can be had from the newest herbal products that are available now at Africa Imports. Direct from South Africa, adding to our existing Herbal Africa product line, are these three new all-natural remedies. Made from only the finest African plants and herbs, these exclusive formulas provide safe and effective results without harmful chemicals:

Baobab Vitamin and Mineral Supplement: In Africa, the Baobab is referred to as the Tree of Life. Its fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals including C, A, B1, B2, B6, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, zinc, magnesium as well as naturally occurring Omegas and has antioxidant, prebiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. (60 capsules). CLICK HERE for more.

Digestive Tonic Herbal Supplement: Made with Momordica balsamina L.. A true wonder of the African Herbal kingdom, it is well known within all its communities. It is traditionally used as a digestive, liver and pancreas tonic. Momordica balsamina L. is effective at detoxifying the body and counteracting the effects of overindulgence in fatty and spicy foods and alcohol. Also rich in vitamins A & C, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorous and alkaloids. Because it is natural, these nutrients are easily absorbed and effective. Digestive Tonic is likened to a capsule version of "bitters" with additional healing nourishment. (60 capsules). CLICK HERE for more.


Muscle Building Aid: This herbal supplement is made from Kigelia Africana, an African herb traditionally used to help build up muscle mass. It is recommended for those suffering from illness or disease or for those who just want to gain weight and mass. (30ml liquid extract). CLICK HERE for more. More and more, people are coming to realize that modern medicine does not have all the answers. Increasingly, many are seeking to return to more natural and traditional ways of living and healing oneself and loved ones. This pursuit for healthier living has led folks to recognize the healing value of herbs and natural products.