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New Item Spotlight! African Chiwara Carving

06/27/2013 09:39

Chiwara Carving

The African Chiwara carving holds great significance to the people of West Africa. Named after the mythological "Chi Wara" antelope, who was believed to have taught farming skills to humanity. These Chiwara sculptures are often worn during ceremonies during sowing and harvesting times, to help bring about a good harvest. The chiwara headpiece depicts a roan antelope. The body of the Chiwara is said to represent an aardvark, whose habit of burrowing in the earth is seen to mimic farming. The zigzag mane parallels the path of the sun between the two solstices. The horns stand for the millet stalk, a staple of Bamana life. The female Chiwara carries her baby on her back just as do African women. These carvings bring a stunning African focal point to any room, and they also give you a piece of African history and culture as well. To find out more or to get your own chiwara statue, just Click Here.