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NEW! Product Spotlight - Coffee Eye Butter

07/13/2010 09:46

Coffee Eye Butter

Brighten Up Your Eyes!

This all-natural coffee eye butter de-puffs and brightens the area around your eyes. Caffeine-rich coffee butter is blended with green and white teas, seaweed and vitamin E for a natural bouquet of healing. The coffee butter is anti-inflammatory and the teas work to calm and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes, increase circulation and eliminate dark circles. Seaweed tones and revitalizes the skin. The teas are also rich in polyphenols, which reduce the signs of aging. 

You can also use this on your entire face and neck as a night cream. M-P135 To find out more about this eye cream or to get your own just Click Here. To find more natural African beauty products just visit our health and beauty page.