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New Product Spotlight! Set of 12 Essential Oils

03/17/2011 16:28

Set of 12 Essential Oils

Essential oils can do wonders for your health, mood, and spirit. These completely natural oils are extracted from plants and fruits for an incredible, pure fragrance that has numerous healing benefits. This set lets you try all twelve essential oils at an affordable price! Here are just some of the benefits of each oil:

Eucalyptus - For relieving colds, and improving the immune system. Can be used in massage, in a vaporizer, or simply inhaled. 

Cedarwood - Can be used to combat hair loss, dandruff, and to relieve rashes and itching. Not for very sensitive skin, unless it is being diluted. 

Cinnamon Leaf - Known to revive energy, relieve headaches and depression. 

Tea Tree Oil - Used to treat acne, wounds, and infections. Also a great way to rid scalp of dandruff. 

Anise Star - Used for relief from coughs, stomach pain and fever. Can be burned, used in a vaporizer, or mixed with a moisturizing lotion. 

Orange Sweet - A natural anti-depressant! Used to relieve stress, and improve the digestive system.

Lavender - The ultimate stress reliever! Lavender is known to calm the senses, and help cure insomnia.

Lemongrass - Used to uplift and rejuvenate. A great way to wake-up without caffeine!

Patchouli Dark - Most famous for being an anti-depressant, and an aphrodisiac. 

Rosemary Tunisia - Helps to improve clarity and focus; Tunisian rosemary is also known to aid in digestion and improve the respiratory system.

Pink Grapefruit - An uplifting, mind-stimulating scent. 

Peppermint Japanese - Great for relief from colds, bronchitis, coughs. Plus it's a natural deodorant and antiperspirant. To get the benefits of these oils, just Click Here.