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NEW Retail Catalog

03/26/2015 16:09


2015 Personal Care Catalog More choices for customers means more sales for you! Find lots of new products, along with your old favorites! Give this catalog to your customers with your contact information. Attach small free samples with the catalog and they will come back for more.

Click here for easy page turning version - New products not shown anywhere else. - 64 pages of full color images of products. - Printed with retail pricing - No company name Download a copy for free or Get extra copies for just 59¢ each here I sell a lot of different merchandise but, after receipt of my order, I have decided to sell a complete line of African items. The merchandise is excellent quality and unique. I’ve been trying for a long time to decide what I want to specialize in. Now, I have found it. Thanks to you!” - Jacquelyn in MI