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News from Mpila Orphanage in the Congo

11/12/2009 16:42

 Africa Imports pays for three meals a day for over 100 orphan children in the Mpila orphanage in Congo. We can’t do this without your purchases, and as a thank you we’d like to tell you about this young woman who has found a home there. One of the workers at the orphanage sent us this letter along with the photo:

"This is a 17 year old girl that was living on the streets. She was raped, got pregnant and gave birth on the streets 11 days ago. She was brought to the Mpila Orphanage. Her little son has been given the name Job. They will keep her and little Job for 6 months and then see if housing or something can be found for her." 

This kind of letter reminds us why it's so important for young people in Africa to have choices and safe places to live. A percentage of every purchase you make is used to help orphanages in Congo and Senegal. Click Here to find more.