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November 6th - Celebrating The Green March in Morocco

11/04/2010 17:35

The Green March in Morocco

Moroccans will enjoy a public holiday on the 6th of November, 2016, as they commemorate an event known as “The Green March”. The Green March was a monumental effort that liberated the Moroccan southern provinces from the yoke of Spanish occupation.

What Is The Green March? 

The Green March

The Green March was a strategic mass demonstration in November 1975, coordinated by the Moroccan government. During this march 350,000 Moroccans converged on the city of Tarfaya in southern Morocco and waited for a signal from King Hassan II to cross into Western Sahara. They brandished Moroccan flags, U.S.A. flags, Saudi Arabia flags & Jordan flags; banners calling for the "return of the Moroccan Sahara." The color green for the march's name was intended as a symbol of Islam. The Green March is considered an important symbol of Moroccan nationalism and liberation from colonialism.

Interesting Facts About Morocco: - Morocco's flag features a 5-pointed green star against a red background.

 - The national dish of Morocco is "couscous". It is just steamed wheat served with vegetables, fish or meat, and a souplike sauce. 

- Morocco is the 12th richest country in Africa. 

- The University in Fes, founded in 859 AD, claims to be the oldest university in the world. 

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