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Opportunity or obligation

01/02/2009 18:30

It is easy to forget how much we have. Many people never have the chance to go to high school, let alone college. Most people in the world live on a fraction of what we do here. We can do so much with what we have been given, but it's easy to waste it if we don't think right. I remember being a kid and thinking of what I would do if I were rich, or privileged, or ... Now I imagine people all over the world who live on so little; and how they think some of the same things about me...or about any of us in the US. We are almost all rich. We have indoor plumbing, refrigeration, even cars. There are bills and obligations that need to be worked for; but just a little bit of extra money would go so far in some of these other places. Other people think about what they would do if they had just a part of what we have. If they could work an extra hour or two a day and help support the people they live around, they would feel that they were being evil not to help when they could. North America has only 5% of the worlds population; but we consume 30% of the resources. Instead of using everything for our own pleasure, we can do amazing things for some of the other people on our planet. Instead of thinking about an opportunity to do better at something, we can all think of how much we have been given, and get a sense of the obligation that having all of this means. Africa Imports was created to help people in some of the poorest areas of the world by making African made products more easily available in the US. In addition, Africa Imports now pays for all meals of over 100 orphan children in Congo, Africa.