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Our Caretakers in Congo

05/03/2012 13:20

 All of the work that we are doing here to help the children in Africa would not be possible without the people that are working over there, making sure that the money we send is used for the right purposes and that the children are being well-cared for. The corruption in some of these areas can sometimes threaten the charitable gifts getting to the rightful place and being used as intended. We are fortunate to have people who we know and trust to watch things for us. 

We just received the above photo of four of the folks on our trusted team in Congo. On the left is Brice. He works full-time, for a very small monthly salary, and is extremely dedicated to overseeing the daily goings-on at the orphanages. He is exceptionally honest and conscientious. Having grown up in orphanages, he really cares a lot about the kids. He has been working with our American contact there for several years and is really invaluable to us. He is the true "auditor" of the group. He also often spends time with the kids, teaching and telling them stories. 

Next to him, from left to right, are Gloria, Ida, and Deogracias. These girls work on more of a part-time, volunteer basis and get only a small stipend enough to cover expenses. With what we do here, and what these people do there, there are now seven orphanages and about 20 home orphanages (with just one or two kids each); children who are cared for with food, shoes, and some really nice people who genuinely care about them. 

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