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Renting of African clothing

06/05/2008 09:13

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Last week I sent an email to a lot of our customers asking them how they would use $500 to grow their business. A lot of people wrote back with some great ideas. I will be adding some more of these ideas that people wrote in with during the next few weeks. The very first response came from Bridgett in NC. Here is what she wrote. 

"In my business I sell formal wear and do tuxedo rentals. I want to start renting out gowns to the women. Lots of women who need formal gowns can't afford to purchase one or need one for a one time use. I would use the $500 to order more gowns to expand that part of my business." Because some people want formal African clothing for a one time event, this is something that could work you even in other ways. You could offer rental customers a choice of any garment in the retail catalog for a rental price of 1/2 of the retail price. Because your wholesale price is only 1/2 of the retail price, you would get all of your money back, and end up with some free African clothing. The clothing would have been worn already; but it would still be sellable to someone else at a discounted price. Two people could get the same clothing, each would save money; and you would have customers you might never get any other way. You could even get some new African clothing for yourself for free this way. Whenever someone rents clothing from you, the rental cost pays for it for you. You might end up with a new wardrobe of African clothing for yourself really fast this way. This is just one idea. It is creative; and it sounds like it could be a good idea for some other people too. What do you think? Post your own comment (it's really easy), or email me with your own ideas at