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Selling at flea markets

03/15/2008 09:51

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People ask me all the time about ways to get started selling in flea markets. The biggest thing to remember with flea markets (or most other ways of selling) is that your goal is to find customers...not just sales. Over the long term, you will sell most of your products to a relatively small number of good customers. So you want to keep the names of your new customers; and keep in touch with them. Most flea market vendors don't do this. Another secret to being successful in flea markets is knowing what other people are selling best. What are their customers buying? Try to figure out why people are buying these items. Look for similar but not necessarily the same items to sell at your table. Begin by doing your homework. Go to the flea markets as a customer. Watch the busy tables, see what they are selling and for how much. Listen to conversations around those tables, find out what people are looking for. Go to as many different flea markets as you can. When you find the busiest one, that's probably where you want your table. You can find out lots more about flea markets with a more complete article on our main website. You can get a faster easier start with flea markets by planning ahead. If you need any more specific help or ideas, just email me at