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Shea Butter for Summer Skin Care

05/26/2009 14:49

Summer Skin Care  

Summer is almost here. Along with the joy of longer, sunnier days comes the irritation of oilier skin and sunburn. Shea butter is the most effective substance in the world for maintaining and protecting your skin. Shea butter is best known as a moisturizer. It does not clog the pores, but allows your skin to breathe freely. This is especially important during the intense heat of summer. Shea butter gently soothes and moisturizes your skin, and keeps it soft throughout the summer. Regular use of shea butter helps avoid peeling and longer term damage.

Still not over your spring allergies? If you have an irritated nose from allergies, dab a little shea butter in each nostril to heal them and keep them soft. Find out more benefits of shea butter by Clicking Here. If you'd like to order your own shea butter, Click Here to see it on the Africa Imports web site. Check out a huge selection of affordable African products by clicking on the links below!

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